How to invest:
How it benefits you:
  • We want more people to be able to take part in our success. We want our customers to be our first investors, not big VCs. As an early investor, you get a larger portion of the company.
  • Not only are we a successful company, but we are ethical and inclusive. We believe more companies should be like us.
  • We want to operate at a global scale while maintaining our integrity and size inclusivity.
  • We will be the new standard by which fashion companies operate. Sustainability, accessibility, and size inclusive pieces on each and every product we offer.
Why we’re raising:
  • We had a successful first round, hit our growth goals, and are now raising a second round and we want you to be a part of it.
  • We need capital to produce more bestsellers and expand our offerings.
  • We have a growth plan to be profitable in 2023

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