Photographer: Tre Crews @trecrews
Creative direction: Rikki-Richelle Bryant @rikki_richelle
Talent: Amanda Hercules @bbyhercules & Milan Wheaton @itsmilan__

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We know it's not Vday, but we all love a good love story now and again. This story, in particular, is not about the love we have for our partners, but how through companionship, we can tap into higher selves. We linked up with our favorite creative duo Amanda Hercules and Milan Wheaton, to chat about navigating their relationship, work, and staying oh-so-stylish in a demanding city like New York.


Tell us about yourself. Where are you from, what brought you to New York, and what do you do for a living?

Milan: I’m a model agent and freelance creative, you can say. I came to NY alone three years ago from Massachusetts to pursue a career in fashion. Currently, based in Brooklyn with my partner Amanda, I'm a cancer- traveling, movie-loving, summer craving, pizza-eating, green-loving cat lady who is New York obsessed. 

Amanda: I have lived in New York my whole life but not what you think! I was born in Queens but left at four and landed upstate NY... (anything that's not the city is upstate to New Yorkers)... to live out the rest of my days. I moved back to the city in 2016 to attend FIT, and I have never left. I am currently an Associate Community Manager at Starface.


How did you two meet? Was it love at first sight? If not, what was the moment that it clicked for you?

Milan: I transferred to the Urban Outfitters store where she was working! I was not single at the time and not looking for anything more than friendship, but we were into the same things. That sparked my interest. I'm not a hopeless romantic, love at first sight type of person, but there was some chemistry between us from the start!

Amanda: Well from the moment I saw her I knew there was something about her and that some sort of relationship would bud because our chemistry was very prevalent. 

Describe your style? Has dating impacted what you wear, and or how has it transitioned? What's your favorite style-hack that your partner does, or what do they do that have you doing a double-take? 

Amanda: My style is forever changing but, what stays the same is my desire to be comfortable in what I wear. What’s comfortable for me changes depending on how I feel. To give you an idea, I love sneakers (my must-have item), Baggy pants, or pants with a wide leg (not too wide and not too small). I'm very particular about that and either fitted or big tops so, I don't have to wear a bra. Milan inspires me. I love the way she dresses, and I love being able to match her fly. 

Milan: Vintage, not dressing vintage, but wearing as much vintage as I can. Leather, 90's silhouettes, the bigger the flare, the better! Amanda has helped me be more unapologetic with my style and not care what other people think and that an outfit could never be too much!


What are some of your style influences? Past and present? Any treasured pieces at the moment and why?

Amanda: I don’t have any particular fashion influences. But if I could own anything vintage Jean Paul Gaultier, I would. My treasured pieces at the moment would have to be my new Ganni boots and Milan’s vintage structured black leather blazer.


How do you envision the future of fashion?

Milan: There are so many talented designs/designers right now I can only imagine what is to come! More vibrant, diverse, sustainable, affordable, inclusive, and more room for all types of people of color to have a seat at the table or make a table of their own. 

Any personal or professional goals? Have they shifted since dating, and how do you support each other through tough transitions?

Milan: My personal and professional goals intertwine with each other as I think they go hand and hand. I hope to be financially stable, travel more, continuously make genuine connections with people, places, and things and most importantly reach a higher love within myself. I want to be in magazines, through modeling, creative directing, and working with as many dope people as I can!

Amanda: My overall goals are to be doing something in the creative field that will allow me to travel while doing it. I value making new connections and relationships, and my favorite thing is doing that while experiencing different cultures. Milan also loves to travel and try new things, so it’s nice to have someone who will drop everything and run with you.

Milan: We support each other by supporting each other's decisions, not judging the choices and or mistakes we might make and checking in along the way whether it’s "good or bad".That makes it easy when you always have one person on your side when the world may seem like it's not.


Anything exciting coming up or projects we should be on the lookout for? Include links for us to check out. 

Amanda: More traveling in the near future to places I’ve never been. So definitely more travel content to come. I love composing and putting all the clips and photos from trips together. Also creating content and shooting fun projects with Milan!

Milan: We have been doing more shoots together as a couple, but also creating more content individually! I got asked to do my first content campaign content creation for a pretty big brand, and I am excited for that to come out! Honestly thankful I've just been fortunate enough to stay busy with work on top of my full-time commitments :)


Any advice for people balancing love and ambition in the big apple? 

Milan: Don't expect anything, rather just be open to the possibilities this city WILL grant you! Make sure to focus on yourself first and have your own identity outside of your relationship! Don't feel bad for transforming into something new and don't close yourself off from things/people too fast- this city has so much to offer and finding love along the way is just an added benefit. 

Amanda: Communication has always been something that's been important for me in a relationship, and that hasn't changed here. This city can bring you a lot of happiness but also have you down bad lol so making sure you always communicate how you feel and what’s going on, can really help you survive out here.